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Campaign : An Ad campaign is a set of Advertisement grouped with single message, purpose and intentions in order to achieve a particuliar goal. A campaign might be created with a goal to increase brand awareness, Ads prepared for such campaign may encompass messages related to the organisation’s brandings.

Creatives : An Ad creative is the Ad medias that the user sees on the platform. Creatives can be images, videos and other media format accepted by the platform the Ad is being created.

Advertisement or Ad : Anything that draw attention towards an entities in order to increase awareness or desired actions about the said entities. Campaign may use multiple media such as images, video and etc... related to the Ad goal in order to increase the effective of the said Ad.

Budget : The value you set as the monatory amount you are willing to spend for your entire campaign’s running time ( Campaign’s lifetime ). If the campaign ends and there is funds left, the left over funds will be returned to the campaign Owner’s Mainstream Media account.

Impression : Evertyime an Ad is display to the target audience, Each view is count as an impression.

Cost Per Mille : Cost Per Thousand or COST PER MILLE or CPM is a term used to describe how much of the budget will be used per 1000 impressions. Everytime an Ad reach 1000 views or impressions, CPM is the amount used for the running of the 1000 impressions.

Required fields : Mandatory fields withing the form that need to be filled or answered.

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Notes Tab

For multiple reasons, Mainstream Media’s dedicated staffs may need to contact you or leave particuliar instruction about your campaign. A way to accomplish such actions is to leave campaign notes. Campaign note can be found within the campaign Edit/View pages. In order to view or display your campaign notes, click on the Note tab on your Edit or view campaign page.

Main Tab

Basic Information

Required fields: Campaign Name, Your Budget, Start Date, End Date.
  1. Enter a description name in the Campaign Name field.
  2. Set a budget for your campaign on the Your Budget field, the amount you’re willing to spend on the Campaign. Budget monatary amount will be in CAD format for Canadian Money.
  3. Set the date you would like your campaign to start on the Start Date field. You also would have to set the date you want you campaign to end. Your account will not be charged for Any Ads not fullfilled, the money will be send back to your account.
  4. The Current Status field willl display ther current status for your campaigns.

    Campaign status type :

    • Draft
    • Pending
    • Paid
    • Accepted
    • Rejected
    • Lock

Ad Placement

Required fields: Select Ad Type, Pick Locations ( In stream or In Marketplace ).

Mainstream Media offer Impression-based commercial (Cost Per Mille or CPM) advertisement type. With CPM campaigns you pay every time 1000 impression per Ad is served.

  1. Pick where you would like your campaign to display. Currently Mainstream Stream Media Unplugged offer below locations on the platform.
Reach tab

Location & Demographic

Required fields: Country, Province / Sate, Major City, Male and Female reach fields are also mandatory, you have the choice to pick one or both.

This is where you choose your target demography and creatives options.

  1. Choose what Country you would like your campaign Ads to appears from Country field options. Choose a territory and Major City where you campaign Ads can run. You also have the choice to add mutiple locations by clicking the plus button on the far right of locations.

    In order to preview the campaign price per location, click on the option to preview pricing Information and preview pricing by picking different location options.

  2. You can narrow your Ad reach by choosing audience gender, ages.
  3. Narrow your Ad reach with keywords, tags related to your target audience and demographic’s related interest.

Spot & Creative Details

Required fields: Creative Length.

Campaign creatives options can be choosen here.

  1. Choose a creative length on Creative Length field options. Creative Length are durations for your campaign Ads.

    Ex: If your creative is an Ad Video, Picking 15 seconds for creative length will required your video to be exactly 15 seconds in durations. Picking 60 seconds length will required your video to be exactly 60 seconds in durations and so on.

    If you have more creatives you would like to add on your campaign, You have the option to add more multiple lengths for each Creatives by clicking on the plus button on the far right.

  2. Do you have any instructions or message or note you want to leave for yourslef or Maintsream Media dedicated staff, type it on the Note field.
Quotes tab

This is where Mainstream Media will generate Quotes and charges for your campaign’s Ad, impression cost and total cost for Creative length set and campaign type.

Upload tab
Required fields: Creative Name, Upload File.

In this section of creating your campaigns you upload creative media and content.

  1. You have the option to attach links, call to action to your ad media on the click through url field.

    A click through url is a location that the viewer can be redirected to when they click or interact with the Ad media.

  2. Upload your ad’s creative media file. If your creative file is video, then upload a video with the exact durations choosen (15s, 30s, 60s) on the previous steps. You have the options to change media file as much as you would like before paying for the campaign costs. Mainstream Media currently allowing MP4 and OGV video extension types.
  3. When you are ready and came to the conclussion that everything is on your liking. Pay for the campaign before submitting for review. Click on the Pay campaign button.
  4. A Privacy Policy and a QUOTE invoice windows will appears. Please review Mainstream Media’s advertisement policies carefully and when ready continue to pay.
  5. Mainstream Media will retrieve charges fund diredctly from your Mainstream Media Account if there is any funds found in the account. In case there is no funds already added in your account or insufficient funds in the account, you will have the options to pay with you Bank cards using our secure Payment Gateway Moneris.
  6. After succefully paying for your campaign, finally it is time to submit your campaign for review. A submit button will appear for you, when you are ready, submit your campaign. Dedicated Mainstream Media staff will review the campaign. `

Your campaign will be review by our Dedicated Staff memenbers. In case that a campaign is rejected, monatary funds will be put back to your Mainstream Media Accounts, and you will be notified of the events. Staff might leave a note with instruction and guidelines on how to Edit your campaign accordingly and resubmit for reviews. In case your campaign is accepted, you will be notified of the event, Mainstream Media will run your campaign Ads on it respectable assigned start date.

Report tab

Mainstream Media Generate Dashboard and metrics for your campaign’s lifecycle states for your personal Data Analysis. Report can be used to enhanced your campaign for a more succefull and effective runs.